Amaya Team

Antiaging Weight Loss clinic
James D Key , MD

Dr. Key brings an exceptional range of integrative and complementary medicine disciplines to Amaya Antiaging and Weight Loss Center. Dr. Key is a board certified physician, past president of the American Academy of Neurological and Orthopedic Surgeons, University Teaching Fellow and Published Author. His broad based background from surgery, neurogenic pharmacology and bio engineering plus integrative medicine to hormone and neurotransmitter optimization training with American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, makes him uniquely qualified to develop custom individualized treatment plans for Amaya's patients utilizing the latest state-of-the-art advances, traditional and alternative, in anti-aging, whole mind, body and weight loss solutions.

Dr. Key is a Fellow or Member of more than 20 medical associations in addition to working on more than 20 current and proposed medical, nutrition and science based advanced research projects. His work includes Air Force Flight Surgeon, Space Shuttle Physician as well as working with the National Football League. The Musculoskeletal Performance Laboratory at Harding University is named after Dr. Key. Dr. Key's strong passion for medicine and his patients well being is evident in his tireless commitment to reviewing and understanding the massive volume of scientific and medical literature and disciplines in the medical, scientific and alternative communities and condensing it down to bring Amaya's patients the best possible specific approaches to address their individual needs.

Dasha Mensik , RN, Antiaging Diplomate and Yoga Consultant

Dasha Mensik , RN, Antiaging Diplomate and Yoga Consultant who has worked in the acute care settings of ICU, CCU, and PACU (post anesthesia recovery unit) for the past nine years as an RN. Discontented with the limited approach of drug based medicine, her main objective is to bring about true healing at the cellular level, the site where all declines in functioning begin.

She is a Diplomate of anti-aging medicine, with American Academy of Antiaging Medicine, an innovative branch of medicine which facilitates true healing and does not just mask symptoms. She is part of the healing team with Dr Jame D key MD,Medical Director of Amaya Antiaging and Weight Loss Center which uses natural healing modalities such as bio-identical hormones, nutrition, and nutraceuticals to bring about cellular healing. She is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches how exercise, stress reduction, and meditation facilitate health restoration.