Thank You to AMAYA Clinic

I wanted to drop a note to say Thank You to everyone at Amaya Clinic in Sugar Land. The support and encouragement from the entire staff kept me focused and motivated to succeed with the HCG Diet Program. The six week program seemed like it was over in a flash and the results, well they speak for them self.

Also, I would to like to say a special Thank You to Dasha for the time she spent with me on my first visit. Her explanation of the program, what to expect and what I needed to focus on to be successful on the program was informative and educational. The information and guidance she provided during that initial visit laid the groundwork for my success. She is a true asset to Amaya Clinics.

Lastly, please share this last little bit of my note with anyone who is trying to decide if this is the right program for them or not. In my humble opinion, I believe it is and do not wait another day to start.

Best regards,

Jeff McCleney

Houston, TX

Amaya HCG Weight Loss gave me the Best Valentine's Gift

I am a mother of 3 and after my last pregnancy I could not lose the fat from my belly and the weight would refuse to go away. I was going to start the Homeopathic HCG but I saw the Amaya Antiaging and HCG Clinic in Katy Living .I couldn't believe my eyes and was not sure if the offer was real. How could a clinic in Sugar land, Houston or Katy be so reasonable and we can get real HCG for such low price, so I called them and spoke to Ms Dasha and she confirmed the specials for the month. They did my labs, then I had a consult, was explained the low calorie HCG Diet and was given multiple easy options of HCG Diet. I have been on program for just two weeks now and had already lost 13 lbs, my energy is back, I feel like a totally new person. I only want to lose few more lbs so the clinic has called me to modify my diet . I am so excited that I will be myself again and can use my favorite dresses again. This is my Valentine's gift for my husband. Thank you very much Dasha for the support.

Anna in Katy, TX

Amaya gave me my married life back

Small but sufficient and they know what they are doing. I had appointment at Sugar Land office but ended up in Katy. I have been suffering from hormonal imbalances , weakness, foggy thinking ,anxiety, loss of libido, tiredness, weight gain and above all hair loss. When I visited the clinic I met Ms Dasha who is the main counselor When I mentioned about my symptoms specially that I was being detached from my husband and was not appreciating anything what he did for me. She mentioned that its not just sex hormones but could be my neurotransmitters and suggested the urine test We discussed about dopamine serotonin Prolactin and how they affect our mood likes and dislikes. After the urine and blood tests I was found to be low not only on my sex hormones but also my Dopamine and serotonin were out of balance. I was given Bio-identical hormones and neurotransmitter supplements . Now my symptoms are gone ,I love my husband and lost some weight. Keep up the good work!

Galaxy in Katy, TX

Lost weight finally

I am with Amaya Clinic since last 4 weeks and already lost 22 lbs without any appetite suppressant or its side effects. i am all set to fit in my old pair of jeans and get back to where I was 10 yrs ago size 8. Special thanks to Dasha for her efforts and being there at whenever I needed help and support. Thanks a lot Amaya Clinic to make my dream of weight loss a reality.

Mausam in Katy, TX

Lost weight

If you are struggling to loose weight and have tried other diets and failed, you will be very surprised at the quick results. The Amaya Clinic can help you loose those pounds really fast. If this is the last diet you try you owe it to yourself to give them a try. I have lost 46 pounds in 8 weeks after failing at every other attempt i made nothing worked until i discovered the Amaya Clinic.

Carol in Katy, TX


I didn't think it would work-- but it did! I had 9 Zerona treatments at Amaya Clinic in Katy. Lost almost 5 inches of fat! I lost almost 15 pounds, too. Highly recommended.

Marge Navarro in Katy, TX

Aweseome Clinic

"The staff is great! I was able to completely stop my anti-depressant medication and I feel great naturally! Life is worth living again!

Nicole Richards in Katy, TX